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Sunday, October 31, 2004

The end of a wonderful Weekend

This weekend turned out rather well. We went to the mountains today. Was really cold out and rainy though so didn't get to do much hiking around. We did go up it a little ways and see some nice things! The pictures below are from last Sunday (Oct 24th 04) just a little park we went to, to get out and about. Since I had so many from last Sunday that I liked I am going to wait till later this week to post the ones from today (Oct 31 04) Well, it's after 12am so it's Nov 1st now hehe... I hope you like the pictures so far, I should upload this Sundays around thursday or friday, so check back then. If you like something post a comment! I don't bite!!!
Here is Kenny, looks like he is thinking hard huh? Thought I would add in the tree to catch the eye, make you look a little harder beyond it... I dunno, seemed like a nice trick ;) Posted by Hello
All the colours in these leaves are awesome... purple, black, red, pink! =) Posted by Hello
These are all my leaves apart...aren't they spiffy?! Posted by Hello
These are some leaves I picked up to take home with me... I layered them... neat affect huh? Posted by Hello
Look at all the Christmas trees!!! I would need a BIG house for one of those huh? Posted by Hello
This is a service road to the park area... the park is a lil to the right... isn't the red pretty? Posted by Hello
This is the view of the pretty yellow trees around the park we went to...this is looking up to the sky =) Posted by Hello

Friday, October 29, 2004


Alrighty, so far in the 1st few days we have loads of girlie things on here... this weekend I will have some more pictures from around where I live of the wonderful fall colours and weather around and about. Also some pretty shots of a moutian we are heading to Sunday afternoon. So be sure to check back for those. My weeks going pretty well, the time is coming to go home to visit for Christmas... YAY, can't wait to see everyone Dec 17th!
Last but not least! Posted by Hello
The markings are just wonderful on these! Posted by Hello
Some more pretties from the Gardens... hope you love em! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

These are some pretties huh? They are at the gardens... they have them from all over the world there on show... I am posting these for my friend Heather... She loves butterflies =) Posted by Hello

This is one of my fav places around where I live...Aren't those flowers pretty?! Posted by Hello
This is the man in my life....my wonderful husband I love him so much! Posted by Hello
This is my Cat Dasha... she's a little crazy at times but we love her anyways! Posted by Hello

Oct 27th Day 1 of the new Blog!

Welp, it's 2:24am and I was bored so I made this page. I hope everyone will enjoy it, I promise as the week goes on I'll update and get stuff on here that matters to people! So, if you want, reply and give me some ideas for the site. I think the pink colour I picked is a lil hard on the eyes... so think thats gonna go...I think it's about bed time GN! o.0