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Monday, November 29, 2004

It's starting to look like Christmas ;)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ours was pretty nice. We didn't have turkey but, baby back ribs are great anyways! We went to the moutians again this weekend, it was wonderful. Other than being about 14f and wind blowing it was really pretty. It also start snowing on us while we were there, you can see it in the pictures!! We did not go sking yet, but we will soon maybe before we go home for Christmas, if not we will be going when we return in Jan.

We also went to the mall this weekend, went in Sears and some other store they had. It about a ten min drive away. After Sears we went to the Walmart near by for a little bit. We got some ski pants at the mall for pretty cheap, so we are happy about that! No pictures of the other walmart and the mall. I know all of you have seen Sears and a mall and a walmart!! ;) I'm off to bed now, I hope all of you are doing good!
This is a mountian a little before the one we went to, thought the trails were neato =) Posted by Hello
Looka that nice white background!!! Posted by Hello
The waterfall is back there somewhere =p Posted by Hello
Remember this creek? Look a lil different now ? Posted by Hello
o0o Ice... theres some water there running though...not much o.0 Posted by Hello
Pretty huh? Too the left it the ski lift =) Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 25, 2004

This is where Santa comes and sees the kids in the Alexis Nihon mall Posted by Hello
Some pretty trees outside of the place we went to eat =) Posted by Hello
This is inside a store called Zellers, nothing cuter than a teddybear tree huh? Posted by Hello
This tree is BIG my Mom would love it. I'm gonna guess its about 20 feet tall. It's in the movie theater.Posted by Hello


Well, I hope everyone back home had a great Thanksgiving. I hope it made you think of all the things you are thankfull for! We had a pretty good one. We went out to dinner and had BabyBack Ribs!!! I bet none of you had those did ya?!?! They were awesome. Kenny loved them. I liked the baked beans I got with my meal. Haven't had those in forever!!

After we were done with dinner we walked to the mall and took the pictures of the trees you see above. Thought everyone would wanna see some of the Christmas we get to when we go out and about. I still have some to take at the hotel. This is not a long post as not much to write about since wed, but this weekend we are going to the moutians again, so should have some good stuff there =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Heres a new picture of miss Dasha...she was tired from playing with Kenny =) Posted by Hello
Too funny.... Posted by Hello


Welp, not much going on this week right now. I got something for Dasha to use to go home. We got her travel bag in from Florida today. I got a harness thingy for her and a leash and a collor. All in pink of course, well the collor is a rainbow with pink, purple and blue. The leash is also blue. I'll be posting some pictures of he in a few with her new toys. I also got her a feather toy again, she kills them fast though. Glad we have a dollar store hehe...

Hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving in the States. Wish you all a great one. Christmas stuff is out all over the place here. I'm going to go for a walk on friday most likely and get some pictures for everyone of the stuff in the malls and stuff hanging and the tress. =)

Monday, November 22, 2004

Looks like he's not going anywhere huh? Posted by Hello

Another week Down!

Hello everyone, how is it going?! We are doing pretty good here. We had a pretty nice weekend. Started out Friday we all we out to eat about 11 of us. Had a pretty good time, went to a movie after called "Friday Night Lights" It's about highschool football...had Bill Bob Thorton in it..mmmhmmm... Saturday was a little slow to start as we didn't get up till 1pm. After that we went to the Walmart again to get some things for the week. When we got back Chris called us to see if we wanted to go out and watch the football game.

Well, you guessed it we said yes. We went to a sports bar and watched in on the big screen. They Gators WON YEAH! 20-13 Kenny was very happy. 1st time the Gators have won in Tally since 1986, and they had just named the stadium after Bowden that night...great night to do it huh? After that we came home and watched a movie we rented "Cronicles or Ridrick" Has Vin Diesle in it, it was pretty good. Talked to Kristie on the computer for a little while after that.

Sunday was pretty calm we went to the mall (Alexis Nihon) Walked around a little bit and looked in the pet shop at the little fuzzys they have in there, and in the sports store some. Got our dinner then came back home. After dinner chris called again and we went up to play halo. Steve also played with us over the internet. Steve killed me a lot, but I had a mic and could talk trash to him and he couldn't reply!!! =p So, now it's Monday and not much going on here, everyone is getting ready to fly back for Thanksgiving. I hope they have fun. We'll be going home soon too...3 weeks 4 days =)
Picture of the sun starting to go down behide us. Notice the light and the darkness..neato huh? Well it's only 2:30 o.0 Posted by Hello
This is our little Dasha trying to sleep in her Walmart Bed... Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Welp, another weeks almost gone by! Tomorrow makes it four weeks till we go home!! The time is passing by rather fast. This weekend we are thinking of going to see a movie and maybe back to Old Montreal again, that should be nice. Yes, I will take some pictures! Things are not that pretty here anymore though everythings dead and grey looking. Snow is not showing for it's date with us yet for this winter. Snows a tiny little bit every now and then.

Things to look forward too about going home.... putting up the Christmas tree with Nanny, we have done it together for...well ever since I can remember. I love Christmas, great time getting together with family and things. The foods awesome as well. Kenny's Mom makes some homemade cakes...caramel ones and stuff... I can already taste them *lol* Thanksgiving is on the way right now. We are just gonna go out to eat for it most likely, since they have already had thiers here everything will be open. Hope all of you back home enjoy your Thanksgiving!! Guess I'm off to bed now!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Walmart we go to...Bad picture but it's all I have...Notice the French writing!! Posted by Hello

Walmart Weekend

What can I say, we went to walmart saturday and sunday... not not just for the fun of it, well the 1st time was for the fun. We had to go back today because we forgot somethings we needed, and we get it there because it is cheaper. I love riding in the car....seems like so long ago I got to drive to where I wanted to go, now I walk everywhere. I miss my car a lot!! I'm like a little kid at Disney World riding in the car now, all hyper the whole time and happy. I know I'm a little crazy but still, you try not riding in a car for 3 months then riding in one, ou'd act the same way!!!!

We had a nice weekend, we rented a movie also "The Stepford Wives" Its was okay, wasn't as good as I had hoped though. Different people different tastes though, so see it if you would like too! Had some fun with Steve playing CS, and Gunbound. Kenny is still in love with his Halo2, he's plays it everyday and talks about it a whole lot. I like it, well it's okay, I just like computer games a lot more. I play it with him though because I know it makes him happy. Talked off and on with my Brother this weekend also, that's always great. Well, I guess I should head on to bed... I have to fight the cat for my side of the bed!! GN!

P.S. This post is done in the colours of walmart... yeah I was bored =p (Blue Red Grey)! Love ya Mom...Mom loves Walmart...she knows the colours for sure!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Just Another Day

It is what it is, just another day. Played Halo2 with a few friends up here, we did that last night aswell. It's pretty fun to do. Finding myself bored a lot this week, not too sure why. I'll get over it soon though. Kenny still has a bit of a sore throat, so he is still feeling a little icky. My trips to the store everyday just o get out are getting a little ruff as it's getting so cold, kinda makes it not as fun to get out o.0 Watched a good show tonight about Johnny Depp...he's so pretty. Talked to Mom and Dad on the phone today, that's always fun. Seems they are having a few Foxy issues. They get into a lot of "crap"...sorry inside joke.

If you like that little cat picture you can all thank my friend Nikki she sent it to me. I also have a cool site for you that has webcams of the moutian we went to...so you guys can watch the snow pile up!! Click here : Mount Tremblant Cams
We seen some flurries the other day here. They were really pretty...should start more soon, guess I shouldn't wish it any faster than it is already coming huh? Welp, it's about that time...Yes you guessed it bedtime... GN....!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How cute is this?!?! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 08, 2004


Alrighty...so the weather just seems to get colder and colder...right now outside it's a FELLS LIKE 13f....How wonderfull huh? The new game Halo2 comes out tomorrow, and I have to go rent it for Kenny at 10am. At that time it will be a feels like 19f. I think these people that live up here for the cold are nuts...
This is the coldest ever I tell ya and it's only Nov...o.0

Not many plans for the week so far since it is so cold...

My Cold is getting a little better, Kenny's is pretty much gone I think. How it get's dark by about 4-4:30 is starting to get really depressing though....only 5 weeks 2 days to go till Florida though....It'll be so much warmer there like in the 50's .... lol....I think 50's are warm now... somethines went wrong in my head help!!!! Alright, guess I better get to bed since it's 3:15am... GN peeps.. <3

Friday, November 05, 2004

Mountian Trip =D

Hey it's me again! Last Sunday (oct 31st) We went to Mount Tremblant... we didn't get do to a whole lot because once we got there it started raining, and it was about 35f outside. That makes for some hard mountian exploring. We had a lot of fun though. the shops were nice, just a lot of money for things there =\ Kenny and I are thinking about going back there on Thanksgiving weekend. It should be snowing there by then and have some on the ground we hope. That will make for some nice pictures.

We are still waiting on the snow to come here...should be anytime this weekend and next week, as for right now it's staying in the 20s at night and 30s during the day with a lot of wind. Kenny is feeling better now, think his cold is almost gone. So, now I think it's getting me, I haven't felt to well at all today. I'm taking my vitamins though, tons of vitamin C and have some cold meds. So maybe I will beat the Flu that's going around here...let's hope huh...Welp, until next time...enyjoy the pics...luv everyone! =)

I love this picture because of the trees next to the water. Looks so pretty.... Posted by Hello
This is a creek near where we parked, has a cute little walk-way over it =) Posted by Hello
This is the lil creek with the two waterfalls in the background! Posted by Hello
Here is the view from the waterfalls... pretty skyline huh? Thats the ski hotels and shops at the bottom... Posted by Hello
This is one of the lil waterfalls that leads to the creek... pretty huh? Posted by Hello
Here is Kenny standing infront of the waterfall. Looks like it parts to go around his head doesn't it? lol... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

YES Bush won!

I hope everyone is as happy as I am that Bush won. I prayed every hour on the hour last night till about 3am watching it to see whats going on. Not for him to win but for whoever God knew would lead us best to win. Glad I voted right! ;) So far the week is going good. Kenny has a cold though, I am nursing him into good health slowly. Think I am starting to get it though.

Went shopping today in down-town, in the mall that's three malls together and about four stories tall (it's awesome girls!) Got three nice shirts for $32, they were having a sale... I love those. Not sure what we are doing thing coming weekend. I know it's supposed to snow sometime snow though. Oh yes it shows snowing a little friday... wow... what happened to next monday it starting? Well its rain/snow showers fri and just plane SNOW on monday... click here for my weather coming up: www.weather.com I'll post the mountian pictures Fri during the day sometime. Wow it's 28f right now, thats COLD....o.0 GN!