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Monday, December 06, 2004

Dasha's new pink toes! Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Snow Boarding!

Hiya, so this weekend we went snow boarding with some others from Kenny's work (Kathy, Chris, Cord)We had a great painful time! We had really nice teachers to help us learn as much as we could in the short time they have to teach you. Kenny had a great time, it was nice to see him so happy while doing it.
It was a great workout aswell. Falling down on your back or something and sliding down the mountian about 10 feet, then trying to get back up without falling again or going down the mountian way to fast and falling really hard. We loved it though...Our friend Cord fell the most I think but he still had a lot of fun! So, how many people can say they went down a mountian a few feet in the snow laying on thier back sliding?! I can that's right, and I laughed the whole time!
Today we feel like we were beaten with sticks, we are all black and blue! If I had it to do over Id still do it anyways. We had such a hard time cause the only course they had open was for the good people not learners. But our teachers never left us, well unless they had to get the other one of us up! I know for someone watching us they had to laugh so hard! Oi my tailbone hurts!! Just getting up we make noises like an old person!
I hope you enjoy the pictures. We didn't take any going down the mountian though. didn't wanna break the cam, well you can guess why I'm sure. It's not fluffy snow you board on, they wet it and pack it in really hard, that and falling a whole lot on every part of our bodies, didn't seem to go with the cam! Anywho, I'm off here!
Looky how deep that snow is Im sitting in!! That's not even the deepest spot! Posted by Hello

Our Snow Boards! Oh, and us! Posted by Hello
Snow pilled up on this brick wall, thought it was nifty! Posted by Hello

View from a little futher up the road! Like that skyline? Posted by Hello
I thought the snow on the trees were really pretty. Posted by Hello
This is the view looking up the mountian. We came down over there to the left where you see people! Posted by Hello
This is a shot looking down through the trees where we parked! Posted by Hello