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Monday, January 31, 2005

Me and Tara after Snow Boarding 4 hours o.0 Posted by Hello
Hes still up!!! Posted by Hello
Go Cord go!! (our friend cord) Posted by Hello
View from the top! Posted by Hello

Yay 8 Pounds Down!

Welp, how is everyone? Im doing good, I have lost 8 pounds on my diet now. We also went snowboarding this weekend (bet that helped the pounds melt off) The only bad thing this weekend was how sick I got last night after eating eggs. I will NOT do that again for a while. After a long night of toilet hugs though I'm feeling okay today. I have some pictures of my friend Tara and Me and some around the mountian that Kenny took. So I am going to get on it and get them posted. Love and Miss you guys!

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Sry took me so long o.0

Hi Everyone! Sorry it took me so long to update my page again. I was trying to get some good pictures, has been a little hard lately. I got one of you guys of my friend Christine. She just moved out of the hotel and into a motorhome on the lot with her house, as they are finishing it inside alone. It's going to be VERY pretty. When they have the outside going a little better I will get some pictures for everyone. I hope you also like to see what I walk almost everyday to the store. Like that snow huh? Well it's alright till you walk in it a lot on the ground, it's slippery!

We went to New York last saturday, we did not get many pictures cause we just went over there for an hour, we had lunch and had to come back to go out to eat with our friend Max for his birthday. We do plan to go back to Plattsburgh though (Anything wrote in blue click on it) Here the main thing to see there Lake Champlain . When we got back I'll get you guys some great pictures. Tomorrow we are going snow boarding again. My other buddy Tara is goign also. I'll be sure to get some good pictures of that also.

Kenny and I both started a new diet on Tues (1-25) It's going pretty good so far. It's called The South Beach Diet I felt pretty nasty for a few days with my stomach and all that. But today (Day 4) I'm feeling so much better. I have lost 4 pounds so far. I know it's mostly water because Im drinking a tone of it, so my body is letting go of its stored water. I will keep you guys up to date on how this goes aswell. Welp, time to get to work on washing clothes. Byebye!
This is for Dad n Jeremy. Auto Parts Store in New York. Note the plaza name to =p Posted by Hello
This is the way to one of the malls we go to (Alexis Nihon) Posted by Hello
This is my Friend Christine Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hiya guys, so how is everyone doing that's reading my page?! Good, I'm glad to hear you are all doing good. So, this week I heard it got into the 30s some... you poor poor people. Yesterday (tues 1-18) it was -30 here. Do you know what that feels like? Well, it's pretty dang COLD! Well, today it's a little better out. It's 10 feels like -1. So, it you think about it yesterday, since you guys had the 30s, and we were -30. That's 100d lower than what you had. Most of the time we are about 70d lower than you guys, hard to understand a little huh? Today it's 63 there for you guys, how nice, so theres another 60d difference....well I'll have some pictures up again tomorrow...byebye

Monday, January 17, 2005

This is Dasha with Lucy...our Florida Kitty! Posted by Hello
Awww... how cute huh?! Posted by Hello
The older they get, there harder it is to get a picture! Posted by Hello

2 Weeks in Montreal

Hello everyone! Well, as of tomorrow we will have been here two weeks. My oh my how time flys huh? We went snowboarding Satuday, it was fun. Only fell once!! Although, when I fell I thought I was gonna die cause I landed on my chest knocking all the wind out of me. Corse I was going about 15mph or well pretty darn fast right down the mountian, till some girl fell and screamed so I looked and when I did I busted!!! Took me a min of sitting there before I got back up....The weather has not been to bad lately. Not much snow down right now, because it got a little warmer last week so a lot of it melted. Thought I hear in Florida it's been great!

I hope you enjoy the pictures I posted today, of me and Kenny, Alexis, and the kitties. We got a video cami for Christmas (THANKS MOM DAD) so it seems we forgot to talk a lot of pictures, cause we filmed everything! Think around Wed I'll post some of the Zoo pictures I got!! Then later on this weeks some pictures of the new room we have and some of our friends. Or other way around you never know with me! Byebye for now guys!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Hello! It's me again! Posted by Hello

Hello there I'm back!

Well everyone. I'm back in Canada, and it's COLD!!! Yesterday we had a blizzard for a few hours, there is tones of snow all over the place! I taped it with my new cami Mom and Dad got me for Christmas. So how was everyones Christmas? Mine was great nice and warm, and SUNNY! I miss Florida alot all ready since its been snowing and just plain cold since we got back here. I'll be posting again soon about what all went on at Chirstmas! Oh and I went to the zoo! Well, I'm off to unpack a little more...wow what fun huh?!