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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My very 1st flower...with it's very 1st bloom!! Posted by Hello
The Dasha sitting lady like o.0 Posted by Hello
Us at dinner Saturday..Cords hiding behind me =\ Posted by Hello


Well, so far this week has not gone to well. Seems I have gotten a cold or something. Sore throat and stuff nose and things. Kenny has been taking good care of me though, don't worry. Other than that not much going on. Just kinda hoping this goes away soon cause it hurts! Went out to dinner with some people saturday night, had some steak and shrimp. Was kinda nice. We had to walk to the place in the rain and the cold so I am guessing that is why I am sick now. Who knows huh? I hope everyone back home is doing good and enjoying that warm weather...wish it would get warm and stay warm here...Love you guys!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The beach! Sorry I don't have better =\ Posted by Hello
Up close and personal with Miss. Alexis Posted by Hello
Me and Miss. Alexis Posted by Hello
Miss. Dasha Sleeping in the pillow..crazy cat... Posted by Hello

Hidy Ho!

Well, the time in Florida was NICE!! So warm and sunny. Nothing better than the Beach, some Sun, and sand....Alexis has grown a lot and can talk, and say some pretty funny things! Was nice to see family and friends *waves* Not a whole lot to write about. The plane trips went well. On the way back though, I was stuck sitting in the plane on the runway for about an hour waiting to take off. That was kinda boring. But there was two lil girls in the seat infront of me trying to explain to me how to play this gameboy game...one was about 4 the other maybe 7?! They were from Bermuda... nice accents hehe! Went went to the beach, found some sand dollars and shells and things. Some of the sand dollars broke though when we bleached em =\ Hope you guys are having fun back home...love and miss you already!