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Sunday, May 01, 2005

!April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Hi everyone...so how is everyone? I'm still sick, and its still nasty weather outside. Cold and rainy doesn't help at all with trying to get over a cold. So, been staying in mostly and laying in bed. Kenny said that "April showers bring may flowers!" So, I am hoping he is right. From the lil walk to the store today we took, I seen that is kinda true...grass is growing and seen some flowers popping up here and there...so nice to see grass!

Watched the
Nascar race today...what a wreck, taking out 25 cars...but hey my man still won!!! Nice change with the Pepsi car today aswell. They thought they could take him in the last few laps.. ganged up to get around him...then he blew back by them all by himself! Go JEFF! Oh, also my lil flower (below this post) now has two, yes TWO! Blooms on it. I shall get a picture for ya tomorrow and get it posted, it has more blooms coming also...thanks Mom for the advice about them ;) Talk to you guys later!


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